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The Cheapest Merchant Services For Small Businesses

When it comes to setting up or expanding your business, there’s a long list of things you need to get in order. One of the most important points on your to-do list is to set up a merchant service. In this article we will explore exactly what a merchant service is, why you should have […]

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Payment Gateway vs Payment Processor: What's the Difference?

The card payment processing process (what a mouthful) is a complex one. When you’re first starting out, there are so many elements you need to consider. Some have such similar names that you might not even be sure if they are actually the same thing.   Whether you are an established business or new to the […]

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What Is A Non-Sterling Transaction Fee?

If you frequently travel abroad, you’ve likely encountered unexpected charges on top of what you paid overseas. When you make a payment to a business outside of the UK, you’ll often be hit with a ‘Non-Sterling transaction fee’ for paying in another currency. In this quick guide to Non-Sterling transaction fees, we explain exactly what […]

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Taking Card Payments Over The Phone: Tips For Set Up And Ongoing Use

So many businesses have recently taken up different payment methods for when a customer isn’t physically in the store. While online payments may be at the forefront, a popular alternative is to take card payments over the phone. Customers could be uncomfortable entering their details online, or simply want the convenience of paying while they […]

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