How Do Card Payments Work ?

With card payments now accounting for more than half of all purchases made within the UK, it’s clear that increasing numbers of consumers and merchants are getting on board the trend. And with the rise of mobile and contactless payments improving the … Continued

Finding the Best Credit Card Reader in 2017

All businesses need some sort of payment processing system to allow them to accept payments from their customers. For the most part, that means a card terminal to accept debt and credit card payments.
Analysing Worldpay 2016 Results

Worldpay 2016 Results: Problems with UK growth?

WorldPay, the UK’s largest merchant acquirer announced its 2016 results yesterday.  Group revenue and profit across all its businesses (UK, US and ecom) was up 15% on 2015 which is great for shareholders.  But what can we learn about WorldPay’s UK business and how management is growing it ? Are they adding value by new products and attracting more customers or are they just hiking prices ?