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Best Card Reader for Small Businesses (Updated 2023)

 As the world of making payments continues to expand, so does the way in which businesses can accept payments.  This is why more card readers are being designed with specific businesses in mind! There are those who can accept a large volume of monthly transactions, and there are those who are tailored to smaller businesses. […]

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Is It Legal To Set A Minimum Card Payment Limit?

Some shops only allow you to use a card if you meet their minimum card payment amount - this can be extremely off-putting to customers. Say you don’t carry cash. You want to buy a £2 coffee, and there’s a £5 card limit. Do you spend the extra £3, or go somewhere else? To be […]

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How Do Card Readers Work?

We have been evolving into a cashless society over the past decade or so. Providing your customers with a streamlined method of paying with plastic (or e-plastic) is critical to the success of your business. We’ve previously ranked the best card readers and explained the different types of payment cards that are available (and that […]

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