Payzone contracts – read the small print

One of the most popular posts on our blog is “How to avoid early termination charges on card machines”.  Many merchants have been in touch with us as a result of this article, sharing with us their tales of woe … Continued

Meet Our Partners – Fidelity Payment Processing

Cardswitcher has partnered with Fidelity Payment Processing for over 3 years now, with many successes and happy merchants.  Fidelity offer a wide range of payment processing solutions from providers like Allied Irish Bank and Sagepay and even have their own payment gateway.

Cloud Computing for Small Businesses, Pt. 1

Cloud computing is a term that was bandied about so much last year that it’s easy to ignore it along with all the other technological buzzwords. Don’t make this mistake. Cloud computing allows for the democratisation of tools and services. For example, Photoshop … Continued

2014 In Review

As 2014 rolls to a close, we’ve been taking a look over the CardSwitcher Business Blog. This year, we made a real choice to expand our focus of the blog and provide helpful content on more than just card processing. … Continued

3 Key Twitter Marketing Campaigns

In the last few years, Twitter marketing has really grown up. No longer is the social network merely a platform for unfiltered thoughts. Now it is a legitimate channel for innovative marketing campaigns. But how did it get there? With … Continued

Traits of a Successful Businesses

At Cardswitcher, we work with a lot of businesses. That gives us an unbelievable insight into a the workings of some of the country’s most successful organisations. While we know that not every business is the same, we have identified … Continued

Crowdfunding Success Stories

Back in September we wrote about the ‘new’ finance system that’s been taking the startup world by storm: crowdfunding. While we told you how effective it was and how it could provide companies with a unbelievable launch pad, we didn’t … Continued

4 (More) Ways to Save Your Business Money

In September, we brought you five fantastic tips for saving your business money. Since the economy hasn’t exactly burst into life, we thought we would bring you a set of four more tips.   Meet Digitally The need for physical meeting … Continued

5 Myths of Marketing

  1. Branding – Marketing creates brands Bad brands can only exist because they shout incredibly loudly. However, this simply isn’t viable in the long run. You can sell a chocolate kettle but after the first use you’ll have another … Continued

Should You Ditch Your Training Company?

Recently I met up with an old friend. Somehow we ended up talking about the worst jobs we had ever had – a topic that everyone enjoys once they’ve had a few years to recover from the horrors that befell … Continued