Card Readers- The Battle Nears an End THUMB

Card Readers: The Battle Nears an End

We haven’t written about the wider card reader market (or mobile point of sale market) for a couple of years. The market has been a little static and there’s been too much going on elsewhere with EU interchange reductions, corporate … Continued

Pay As You Go Card Acceptance Update

Theres been a few developments in the Pay As You Go (“PAYG”) card acceptance market since our last update back in December (“Cheapest mPOS?”).  Theres some new product including the free card reader from iZettle, some we haven’t explored before … Continued

Cheapest mPOS ?

We are frequently asked “Who has the cheapest mPOS device?” and much as I hate inconclusive answers…….”It depends“.  Most merchants choose mPOS by brand (love or hate PayPal?) or by cost.  Cost is not always obvious because of the numerous … Continued

Mobile Point of Sale update

Can you believe its been over a year since we last blogged about Mobile Point of Sale (“mPOS”), when we predicted the beginning of a price war ?  Whats actually transpired has been more like a skirmish than a war with limited … Continued