Card Readers: The Battle Nears an End

We haven’t written about the wider card reader market (or mobile point of sale market) for a couple of years. The market has been a little static and there’s been too much going on elsewhere with EU interchange reductions, corporate … Continued

What is the cheapest way to buy merchant services?

In this article, I’m going to look at five popular sales channels for merchant services. I’ll touch on how competitive their pricing is and quickly explain whether or not I’d recommend you use it.

WorldPay fails to pass on full EU interchange reductions

Christmas should be season of goodwill to all, so why are merchant acquirers acting like Scrooge at Christmas?  WorldPay has become the latest merchant acquirer to fail to pass on the full 0.5% EU reduction in consumer credit card interchange to its customers.  

Global Payments pockets EU interchange reductions

Global Payments has now written to merchants advising of new pricing starting 1 January 2016. Many observers and merchants had expected material fee reductions in light of the EU’s new interchange cap legislation effective 9 December 2015.  What we are seeing … Continued

More Barclaycard fee increases….Halloween horror

  All Saints Eve is upon us and I’m wondering if it will be “trick” or “treat” for card accepting business this Halloween from their merchant acquirers ?  Definetely trick for Barclaycard customers judging by the onslought of emails we’ve … Continued