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What is Paysafecard and How Can You Use It in Online Gaming?

Stephen Hart

Stephen Hart

Founder - Cardswitcher

Former - Chief Financial Officer @ Worldpay

Today’s online shoppers can’t get enough of innovative payment methods, and the demand for Paysafecard has been pretty high for a while now. Thanks to its various perks, Paysafecard has become one of the favourite options among online gamers, and more and more players decide to give it a try. It has won the hearts of many players mainly because of its convenience, and the method’s popularity has also skyrocketed in other industries. Continue reading to learn more about this system and payment method.

What Exactly Is Paysafecard?

Paysafecard is a payment system that was created in Austria back in 2000, but it is available to users in different countries worldwide. It is basically a prepaid card that is not connected to a bank account, so users do not have to share any personal information when they decide to use this service. On top of that, the card does not involve any monthly contracts, unexpected bills, or any other kind of bothersome commitment. The card functions as a voucher that includes a PIN code that consists of 16 digits. The card can be bought in different physical stores like shops, gas stations, and others. At the moment, you can get a Paysafecard in more than 650,000 locations around the world. 

Different Types

There are two kinds of Paysafecard you can choose between, and in order to make the right choice, you should read about their basics:

Paysafecard Classic

Paysafecard Classic is the traditional PIN version of the card that online users are particularly interested in. It is a digital code that carries a specific monetary value. Once you buy the code, you can use it to pay on thousands of websites that have partnered with the system. 

Paysafecard Mastercard

This type of payment method service involves a physical prepaid credit card that is quite similar to the standard bank cards we’re all used to. Even though this option is less popular among online gamers, it is a great tool when you’re looking for a payment method that you can use for offline purchases, too. The card also allows you to shop on websites that are not listed as Paysafecard partners.

How to Sign Up

In order to create a Paysafecard account, you need to visit the company’s website and follow a simple registration process. However, you only need to create the account if you’re looking to order their Mastercard, or if you’re interested in using their e-wallet services. Besides that, you only need the account if you’re planning to use the card to make a purchase that exceeds EUR 50. In all other cases, you can use Paysafecard Classic by simply buying a 16-digit PIN voucher at one of many offline points of sale. When you decide to make a purchase online, you will need to use the code from the voucher as a method of payment. And if you need to check the remaining balance, you can visit the company’s online app. You can use one voucher to finalize more than one purchase. And if you’re getting involved with a higher-ticket purchase, you can combine up to ten different vouchers to complete the transaction. 

Key Benefits 

Firstly, Paysafecard is extremely easy to use, whether you are looking to use a voucher or sign up for a Mastercard. Either way, the process is pretty straightforward, and you can have it done in no time. If you don’t have an active bank account or a valid credit card, you can easily sign up for Paysafecard. On top of that, the system safeguards your privacy, which is particularly important to online gamers who do not feel comfortable having their personal information accessed by third parties. Of course, privacy is followed by a high level of security, which is one of the main priorities of all online users out there. Also, utilizing Paysafecard offers a flexible experience since you can use the system to pay at thousands of online shops and platforms. Finally, Paysafecard accepts a multitude of currencies, which helps people from all corners of the world pay for their favourite items and content in a seamless way. 

Business Categories That Support Paysafecard

All sorts of online merchants can make use of this convenient payment system, but there are some categories that are particularly inclined to do so. The list includes business types like travel, dating, gaming, gambling sites, and sports betting platforms. For example, nowadays you can pay with Paysafecard in Irish online casinos, and the same goes for many other countries in the world. And if you sign up for the Paysafe Mastercard, you can make purchases in all places where Mastercard is supported, including Amazon, Alibaba, Zalando, and other popular shopping sites.

How to Make an Online Gaming Deposit

Once you’ve set up a Paysafecard account or purchased a voucher, you need to take an additional step to deposit funds into your online gaming account. Even though the process is slightly different with each platform, it always includes a series of simple steps you should follow. First, you should create or log in to the account on the platform where you’re looking to play. Next, you need to go to the ‘My Account’ section and select the ‘Deposit’ option. Within the deposit block, you must select Paysafecard as your desired method of payment. Now it’s time to specify the amount of money that you would like to deposit into the account. Usually, you will be expected to deposit at least £5. Furthermore, the platform might ask you to agree to additional terms and conditions they have attached to the transaction process. Once the payment procedure is done, you should receive a confirmation message that will inform you about the time it will take for the funds to be available within your gaming account

The Withdrawal Process

If you’re mostly interested in online casinos and sports betting platforms where you can actually win some cash while also having fun, you should be aware of the withdrawal process involved. Luckily for you, the majority of today’s online gambling sites allow players to withdraw their winnings to their Paysafecard accounts. However, if you are looking to make Paysafecard your only transaction method, make sure to always check whether the gaming platform that you’re interested in actually supports this practice. And just like the deposits - the process involves a set of steps that you can easily follow. First, you should head to the payment page of the website and select the "Withdraw" option. Here, you need to pick Paysafecard as your withdrawal method. Once that is done, simply enter the amount of cash that you would like to withdraw. After that, you will be asked to confirm the email address that is connected to your Paysafe account, and once that is done, you can expect to see the funds on the account balance in a matter of minutes.

Transaction Fees Involved

The use of Paysafecard in online gaming is pretty affordable, as there are only a few instances where fees may be applied. Since you need to have all the facts before you pick this system as your preferred method of payment, we should go over the main types of fees you may encounter:

Provision Fee

The provision fee is only charged if you created a PaySafe account and haven’t used it for a 12-month rolling period. The fee is quite reasonable, as it stands at €5 (around £4.4). 

Transaction Fee

Individual businesses may charge transaction fees. In such cases, cash will be deducted from your account or your voucher amount. However, the fees must be declared and explained before the transaction is completed. Basically, the fees are decided on by the vendors, and if you wish to skip paying them, you can always make an additional effort to pick platforms that will not burden you with additional costs. 

Conversion Fee

In case you buy a card or a voucher using one currency and then decide to make a deposit or a withdrawal in a different one, you will be charged the exchange rate fee that is valid on that day. Fortunately for you and all the other users that plan to make transactions that involve different currencies, there is a currency calculator on the PaySafe website. The calculator allows users to pre-calculate such fees before they even decide to carry out the transactions.


Paysafecard has become one of the preferred methods of payment in the online gaming sphere, as well as in other lucrative industries. It is highly appreciated by players who seek secure solutions that will protect their privacy, as well as those who are just looking for a quick and easy way to deposit funds into their gaming accounts. If Paysafecard is something you were eager to explore, now you have all the facts that will help you get started the right way. 

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Written by:
Stephen Hart

Stephen Hart

Founder - Cardswitcher

Former - Chief Financial Officer @ Worldpay

Stephen brings a wealth of experience honed through years in the financial sector, particularly in the card processing payments industry. His illustrious career spans key roles at PwC, Natwest, and the role of CFO at WorldPay, before going on to found card processing comparison site, CardSwitcher. He is passionate about helping growing businesses to understand the card processing landscape so they can make savvy financial decisions.