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  • I used Cardswitcher to re-negotiate our card-processing costs. Their analysis was insightful and they quickly sourced and delivered a proposition which saved us over £47,000 per year. Fantastic support when dealing with our bank.

    Simon Jacobs Partner Jacobs
  • I needed to start taking payments over the internet. I turned to Cardswitcher and received a better deal than available anywhere else. We received excellent support, everything is working perfectly and all at a fantastic price.

    Mel Mehmet OBE Chief Executive Easit Travel
  • Cardswitcher is a must for any business. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done for me in helping me to switch my card supplier. I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to and save money on card processing fees. Complete legend.

    Louise Dickens Managing Director Dickins Edinburgh Ltd
  • Cardswitcher was simple and quick to use. It got us the best deal in the market and saved us hundreds on set up fees.

    Glen Templeton Owner The Big Bag Company

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More 2016 Visa debit fee changes

On 1 September Visa will reduce interchange on UK debit cards by 1p and will remove the non-secure fee of 10p per transaction which applies to card not present (“CNP”) transactions and non-secure e-commerce transactions.  This should be good news for all card accepting merchants but especially for merchants who take cards over the phone or online without using 3D Secure.  But the big question is whether merchant acquirers will passon these interchange reductions to their customers or will they pocket these benefits for themselves?

UK card processing fees to change in 2016

Card processing fees certainly had their ups and downs in 2015 and we did expect 2016 to be relatively quiet.  Not so.  Later this year Visa plans to remove the interchange cap on debit fees which will present a significant fee increase for merchants with Average Transaction Values (“ATV”) above £245.  This will particularly impact businesses such as garages, travel agents and a high number of B2B businesses accepting Visa business debit.

Card Processing News – April 2016

Theres some interesting UK card processing stories in the news which could be of benefit to UK SME card accepting businesses so we thought we’d maybe start posting a regular round up and our thoughts.

WorldPay 2015 results

Last week saw WorldPay publish its first annual results as a public company.  As WorldPay is the only public “standalone” acquirer/processor in the UK market, these results offer a great insight into what is happening in the UK market, particularly in pricing. WorldPay UK is an established, stable, almost boring business……or is it?  A closer look reveals where its revenue growth is coming from and how much of it is from price increases for small merchants.  We also got our first glimpse of timing for completion of WorldPay UK’s long running platform upgrade.

WorldPay fails to pass on full EU interchange reductions

Christmas should be season of goodwill to all, so why are merchant acquirers acting like Scrooge at Christmas?  WorldPay has become the latest merchant acquirer to fail to pass on the full 0.5% EU reduction in consumer credit card interchange to its customers.  WorldPay began writing to customers on 7 December advising of rate reductions, which sounds great and very welcome in tough economic times.  But merchants who have realised that WorldPay are only passing on a fraction of the EU reduction are furious at being short-changed.