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Payzone Review: UK Features and Fees (Updated 2020)

Last updated: 09/03/2020

Payzone is a merchant service provider based in Dublin in 1989. Six years later, the Payzone set up Payzone UK to serve UK merchants—and that’s what we’re here to talk about.

Since it arrived in the UK un 1994, Payzone has grown into one of the largest merchant service providers in the industry, offering a wide variety of payment products and services. In this article, we put Payzone to the test and see how well it measures up against its competitors. Let’s get started.


What is Payzone?

Founded back in 1989, Payzone is actually one of the older merchant service companies. Since they started, Payzone has steadily built out its service offering and now include in-store, online and phone payment products.

The company was sold in 2016 to Mark Dann, Rupert Lowery and Grovepoint Capital, after which Clive Kahn was appointed Chief Executive Officer.

Since then, Payzone has expanded into the convenience store market and now supports phone top-ups, utility payments and other similar services.


Payzone Costs, Fees & Pricing

With a wide variety of services and pricing variation within each of those services, it’s difficult to give a verdict on Payzone’s pricing structure. The precise debit and credit card processing fees you pay will depend on things like your time in business, turnover and industry.

To its credit, Payzone has very short contract lengths for the industry—usually around 12-months. So, even if you discover the fees are uncompetitive, you aren’t stuck in a multi-year deal.


Payzone Features

Payzone offers a wide range of services, covering everything from in-store card payments and payment gateways to e-invoicing and virtual terminals.

Below I’ve picked out some of the most popular services and the most important features.

  • PDQ Machines: Countertop machines, portable machines, mobile machines, contactless payments, 12-month contracts, no exit fees
  • Online Payment Processing: Payment gateway, e-invoicing, pay by link, developer support
  • Other Services: Phone payments, merchant services, pay points, ticketing, parcel collection, phone top-ups


Payzone Reviews

There’s not a whole lot of reviews out there for Payzone. There are quite a few reviews on Trustpilot but none on other major review sites like GetApp and Capterra.

There is also no mention of Payzone on business forums, which is strange as it is a fairly large company.

Anyhow, the Trustpilot reviews are very positive and there is a lot of them, which is a good sign.


Find Your Next Merchant Services

While Payzone is a great merchant service provider, we always recommend merchants review the market and see what’s actually on offer before they decide on a provider.

To see what payment options are available to you, check out our card processing comparison engine.

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