How to update your card terminal for £45 contactless limit

How to update your card terminal for £45 contactless limit

On 1 April, the spending limit on contactless cards was increased from £30 to £45.  Whilst this was partly in response to the COVID 19 corona virus concerns surrounding the transmission of the virus on physical cash, it was also the latest in a series of gradual increases which have been introduced since contactless cards first arrived in 2007 with a limit of £10.

This is good news for merchants but many are wondering how they upgrade their existing terminals for this new limit?  The good news is that this is done automatically – software updates are automatically sent to your terminal by your terminal provider so no action is required on your part.  The bad news is that this is a major update, affecting every terminal in the UK so the rollout of the update could take several weeks to complete.

If you can’t wait that long and want to take advantage of the new £45 limit quicker, heres a simple step by step guide from our friends at V9 Group to manual update your terminal.  If this all feels too daunting, then you can call your terminal provider who will walk you through the steps required over the phone.



How to process F81 function update:

  • Press menu button twice
  • Scroll to select function and press enter
  • Enter the function code (81) and press enter
  • Once entered function code follow instruction on terminal (May need to enter supervisor code)
  • Download should then start
  • Complete the download needed



  • From the main menu, select option 5: Menu (Press the key on the keypad).
  • From the Terminal menu, select option 2: Supervisor (Press the key on the keypad).
  • Check for updates, select option 7: Check For Updates (Press the key on the keypad).
  • The terminal will check for available software updates.
  • If a configuration update is available and has been assigned to the terminal in OCC, the terminal will start to download the configuration update. Please be patient whilst this downloads as it may take several minutes.
  • After the download is complete, the update icon will be displayed and the terminal will require you to logout and logon again.
  • From the main menu, select option 6: Logout to logout and then logon again. (Press the key on the keypad).
  • After logging on, the terminal will start apply the configuration update. Please be patient as this may take several minutes.
  • Once the configuration update has been applied, the terminal displays a notification that a logout will be required to complete the process and will automatically logout.



  • Press the main menu button (Square in middle between two arrows)
  • Press the right arrow key and select FUNCTION
  • Type in FUNCTION 92
  • Password is 0000
  • It will then say program load correct
  • Select Enter for yes
  • It will then proceed to complete the download


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