Business Debit Fees to Increase in 2019

In 2019 there will be the first significant changes in interchange fees since the EU’s 2015 intervention to cut consumer credit and debit fees.  Some of these changes will be beneficial for merchants, some not.  The first of these is … Continued

10 Tips To Reduce Your Card Processing Costs

In 2015, Laura launched her new business: a bespoke wedding invitation design studio. It was her first business and everything proved a steep learning curve. Early on, she bought a mobile point of sale device (also called a card reader) … Continued

Increase in Non-Secure Fees in 2018

With non-secure transaction fees creeping up, I conducted a small investigation to discover which acquirers represent the best value for merchants.

WorldPay fails to pass on full EU interchange reductions


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Christmas should be season of goodwill to all, so why are merchant acquirers acting like Scrooge at Christmas?  WorldPay has become the latest merchant acquirer to fail to pass on the full 0.5% EU reduction in consumer credit card interchange to its customers.  


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More Barclaycard fee increases….Halloween horror

[mp_row] [mp_span col=”6″]   All Saints Eve is upon us and I’m wondering if it will be “trick” or “treat” for card accepting business this Halloween from their merchant acquirers ?  Definetely trick for Barclaycard customers judging by the onslought … Continued

Barclaycard increase merchant services rates

Barclaycard has become the latest of the merchant acquirers to increase its fees in 2015.  On Tuesday, Barclaycard wrote to merchant services customers advising of fee increases becoming effective on 1 October 2015.  We can always tell when merchant acquirers … Continued