Global Payments pockets EU interchange reductions

Global Payments has now written to merchants advising of new pricing starting 1 January 2016. Many observers and merchants had expected material fee reductions in light of the EU’s new interchange cap legislation effective 9 December 2015.  What we are seeing … Continued

More Barclaycard fee increases….Halloween horror

  All Saints Eve is upon us and I’m wondering if it will be “trick” or “treat” for card accepting business this Halloween from their merchant acquirers ?  Definetely trick for Barclaycard customers judging by the onslought of emails we’ve … Continued

2015 Card Processing Price Changes – Review

For the last 12 months we’ve been highlighting the extensive changes happening in interchange regulation and how this would give rise to changes in the costs you pay to accept cards and great opportunities to save money by shopping around.

Cheaper Visa debit processing – 9 tips

We all know by now that the EU legislation to reduce card acceptance charges has failed spectacularly with respect to Visa debit, with most merchants facing increased costs.  But all is not lost – heres some tips on how to … Continued

Barclaycard increase merchant services rates

Barclaycard has become the latest of the merchant acquirers to increase its fees in 2015.  On Tuesday, Barclaycard wrote to merchant services customers advising of fee increases becoming effective on 1 October 2015.  We can always tell when merchant acquirers … Continued

Card processing rates from Natwest

Most new businesses still go to their high street bank for card processing services without realising this is the most expensive place to go and that the exact same product is available elsewhere at a fraction of the price. Here’s a … Continued

Introducing Quote Updates

Shopping around for merchant services quotes is a pain, but we’ve now added a new feature to Cardswitcher which takes away the pain, forever! What have we done ? Our Cardswitcher website was an industry first.  Nowhere else in the … Continued

Visa announces 0.5% reductions in credit card rates

Hot on the heels of MasterCard’s announcement, Visa Europe have also announced their long over-due plans to reduce interchange costs on consumer credit cards. These reductions in interchange were brought about following the EU’s long running anti-trust investigation into charges levied … Continued

MasterCard accelerates its 0.5% credit card rate reductions

At the end of last month, MasterCard announced a revision of its plans to reduce interchange costs on consumer credit cards. These planned reductions in interchange were brought about following the EU’s long running anti-trust  investigation into charges levied by Visa … Continued