Best Bluetooth Receipt Printers for Card Readers

Although businesses are not required to provide their customers with a receipt, it’s usually a good idea to offer one after every transaction. While digital receipts are becoming more popular amongst retailers and small businesses, paper receipts will remain popular … Continued

How Does Contactless Mobile Payment Work?

Have you ever watched someone pay for something using their smartphone? Maybe you’ve even done so yourself? Well, have you ever wondered how it all works? Smartphone payments use a technology called Near Field Communication (NFC) and it’s just one … Continued

RBS Dumps WorldPay

In this article, I’ll investigate what caused the split between RBS and Worldpay. I’ll also discuss who comes out best and who comes out worst.

What is a High-Risk Merchant?

Some businesses are deemed ‘high-risk’ and require specialised merchant accounts. In this article, I’ll look at why businesses are classified as high-risk.

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