Visa Europe vs. MasterCard Inc

Visa Europe and MasterCard Inc are commonly collectively known as “the card schemes” and are often tarred with the same brush. But there are  differences in their ownership structures which are “interesting” when you consider their differing approaches in the … Continued

More Visa Debit Increases

Visa debit interchange increases take effect in less than 2 weeks and will result in a cost increase for most UK card accepting merchants. WorldPay’s choice of pass through of these increases was not well received by many SME’s, but … Continued

Interchange Plus pricing – what is it ?

Interchange Plus pricing or Blended pricing ?  These are the 2 options for card acquirers when setting the basis of customers’ pricing.  Is there a material difference? Does it matter to card accepting businesses or is it all just industry “technobabble” … Continued

Latest WorldPay fee increase letters

Merchant reaction, from those we’ve spoken with, to the WorldPay fee increases on Visa debit seems to be one of “outrage” as their costs have increased by significantly more than the interchange increases.  It seems the first of the fee increase … Continued

WorldPay merchant services price increases

WorldPay has recently informed their customers of their latest merchant services price increases.  In a letter/email (click here) they advise customers that the “majority will see an increase in their costs of accepting Visa debit cards”.  WorldPay is the largest merchant services … Continued

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