iZettle Special Offer for Cardswitcher Users

iZettle Special Offer for Cardswitcher Users

We’ve partnered up with iZettle – one of Europe’s leading fintech companies. Right now, we can offer the iZettle card Reader for £25 + VAT for new iZettle users, click here to get yours now.


About iZettle

iZettle service was first launched in Sweden in 2011 and is now available to individuals and small businesses across 12 European and Latin American countries including Norway, Denmark, Finland, The United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico and Brazil.  Its meteoric growth sees it adding over 1,000 new users every day and has attracted over $235 million of investment funding from venture capitalists.


The iZettle Reader

iZettle Reader

  • 100% mobile – use anywhere with a phone signal
  • No contracts or fixed fees
  • Easy to use – just connect to your phone/tablet and download the iZettle app to start taking cards.  No separate merchant account required.
  • Accept all major credit cards
  • Accepts contactless including ApplePay/SamsungPay
  • Customer receipts by email/SMS

Click here to get your iZettle reader for only £25 + VAT


Transaction Rates

What small businesses hate about traditional card terminals is the monthly fixed costs, even if you don’t use the machine, of around £35 for terminal hire and minimum monthly service charges.  On top of this theres then “add-on” charges like PCI compliance and authorisation fees.

iZettle has none of these costs and a very simple fee structure which means if you don’t use the Reader then there are no fees :

  1. Upfront, one off cost of £25 + VAT to purchase the reader (then its yours for life)
  2. Transaction fee of 2.75%.  If you’re fortunate enough to process over £2,000 of transactions per month, the rate drops to as low as 1% if you process over £40,000 per month.
Monthly TransactionsRate



Thanks to iZettle, we can take hassle-free payments anywhere – in our créperie or when we’re out and about. iZettle gives us advantage over fellow traders and helps increase sales since customers sometimes are cashless. It’s awesome to be able to accept both credit cards and contactless payments!

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