Analysing Worldpay 2016 Results

Worldpay 2016 Results: Problems with UK growth?

WorldPay, the UK’s largest merchant acquirer announced its 2016 results yesterday.  Group revenue and profit across all its businesses (UK, US and ecom) was up 15% on 2015 which is great for shareholders.  But what can we learn about WorldPay’s UK business and how management is growing it ? Are they adding value by new products and attracting more customers or are they just hiking prices ?

What are Card Payment Processing Fees?

In this blog, we explain all the individual charges involved with processing credit and debit cards and show you how selecting the right supplier can save you thousands of pounds every single year.

Card Processing News – April 2016

Theres some interesting UK card processing stories in the news which could be of benefit to UK SME card accepting businesses so we thought we’d maybe start posting a regular round up and our thoughts.

Global Payment Trends

Its always interesting to look at the growth in non-cash payments and how this varies across the world.  This is a great infographic from HSBC and The World Payments Report 2014 showing how much changed in the 4 years to … Continued